ECC manufactures Valve baggers, valve bag packers, open mouth baggers, auger baggers, vibratory packers and more.
Valve bagger, Open mouth bagger, and other ECC products

ECC Enterprise manufactures valve baggers, valve bag packers , open mouth baggers, valve auger baggers, and open mouth auger packers, vibratory packers, as well as bulk bag loading and unloading stations.

ECC has over 20 years of experience as a manufacturer of mixers, baggers, and valve packers. For more information on mixers please visit our alternate website at

Our company has its fabrication facilities near Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  We put together complete packaging systems, including bag flatteners and product bins. Because ECC is focused on dry bulk packaging and mixing, we are able to provide the most practical and competitively priced equipment to meet your production goals.

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ECC assists customers in finding the right product to meet their needs. Our valve baggers and packers along with open mouth baggers, and auger baggers are just a few of the products we custom build and design. Call or contact us today for more details about one of our many baggers, packers, or mixers.